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What’s up guys I’m Vince, In this post; I will show you the 5 most effective fat-burning exercises for men. We will make this one of my favorite exercises if I want to operate on fat without too much time. This is a commodity I’ve been doing for time. Follow these high-intensity workouts to burn fat, build muscle, and lose weight.

I have been teaching this for years and it is called Barbell Complexes. Being called complex does not mean that it is complicated. It’s actually very easy but I would say it’s very difficult. It will make you sweat as you have never drunk before, you will suck air, your muscles will cry … Your heart will jump out of your chest … You will be in an injured box. So as long as you are willing to put yourself in the damaged box for 10 to 20 minutes at a time, you will be rubbing oil faster than before. You will increase your body level, you will burn more energy during and after exercise. You will not destroy your members walking on the treadmill or step mill or elliptical. Simply put, it’s a waste of life. And this will not only make you look bad, but it will also make you feel bad. I will take you to the gym and I will just take you to the gym and how it is done and how you can improve. Let’s get started.


Exercise number 1 is Military Press. In other words, Overhead Shoulder Press with a barbell. We will use this weight for every exercise. I will tell you how to choose your weight in a second. We want to keep our essence strong, we want to drive our feet down and focus on being strong and exploding here. This is not an exercise in which we focus on targeting and actually pressing the muscle.


Exercise number 2 front squats. If you are flexible, you want to put this on your shoulders without repeating how I did it, and then I have no flexibility to do that. The front squats here are 7 reps. After doing the seven front squats, you will scroll through the bar and enter the curved lines. We do this 8 times. After 8 rows of curved tops with excessive grip, and, you can see how I haven’t changed my grip, we’ll go straight to Deadlifts We do 9 Deadlifts. And we bring the bar slightly below the knees so that we can create more muscle tension.  So we don’t put the bar down, and we pull it up. From 9 Deadlifts we go to 10 Back Squats. You will roll the bar over your head. Be careful here. This is going to be the hardest part of the workout and you will get into 10 Back Squats. Once you have done that, you have completed 1 cycle of exercise. The sequence of those tests is important. If you change the order of those tests, you will pay for it.

We focus on the weakest parts of the body to the strongest parts of the body. They were deliberately following each other. A lot of people who write complex gyms, I’ve seen them like … how this doesn’t make sense. If you do this exercise, you will see, “Oh, OK I see why you are doing Shoulder Press and Front Squats and Curved Lines” You will see why it follows that way. It allows fatigue from small muscle groups. You will also notice that we increase the reps with each exercise so it goes to six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and then repeat. what we want to focus on doing during the time period will be stronger. The goal is not to do this for 30, 40, 50 minutes. We want to do it as a runner. We want to focus on speed. We don’t want to turn around ourselves into marathon runners and become efficient. We want to be inefficient. That’s why the goal is to add more weight each week so a lot of you guys who’ve never done these before, will start off with 65 or 75 pounds as a male. Alright. You’re going to add 10 pounds to the bar each week. The time does not change. You will do this every 20 minutes. But what I want you to focus on is doing more rounds in 20 minutes with extra weight.


That is your challenge. I’ll just give you a benchmark. What I did myself to finish this springtime yes almost springtime, yes almost spring/summer… I did an 8-week cycle of these and I reached 115 pounds so that the weight you see me doing in this video is 10 cycles in 28 minutes. So if you can beat that, you’re better than me. So there is a small challenge for you. A lot of people ask me “hey how many good rounds in 20 minutes” At least 10. Okay. At least 10 rounds. Now for me, it has taken me a long time, so I have a great place where I can improve. I will try to reduce that, but you will see for yourself that it is good, good, strong. So start with 20 minutes. Identify 10 rounds. That may take you 8 – 16 weeks.


As long as you progress each week, you will be losing fat and this will increase your metabolism will help you maintain muscle as you lose fat, will make you look stronger, will make your body more flexible, will give you the opportunity to practice some important exercises, and these are great for managing stress. Most people who can’t lose fat, do a lot of cardio. Increase cortisol levels. Bringing a shorter, more strenuous exercise helps manage cortisol better, helping you maintain testosterone levels. So, this style of exercise is the foundation of the whole system I have created. It’s called Shredded in Six and it’s just a series of Barbell Complex Workouts like this and a slightly different energy circuit function and I’ll show you guys in another video that teaches you how to rub the fat in a very short time. time And that way you can stop walking to the gym 20 – 30 minutes after your weight training session or go to the gym very early in the morning you will do cardio I tell you guys that the more cardio you do, the better your performance. it will make your body store fat and use less fat per unit of time.


Research, physiology, in this case, is very clear.  We always want to train our bodies so that they do not work properly. We are always trying to make exercise harder, we are always trying to do more in the short term which is the idea you have when you are trying to paint your body. Unless you are a patient runner and want to work, the rules change. But if you want a carved body, you should start doing the exercises once a week on Saturday. You do not need to do it more than once a week. If you can do it more than once a week, you are not doing it properly, okay, you are sanding it so lift it up, lift the weight a little bit, and this will put you down. A lot of people do two, three cycles and they’re like holy crap, I’m blown away. Build up to ten rounds. It will take time, but once you have done it, you will look like a bad person, you will feel like a bad person, that is my challenge for you If you want a whole Shredded in Six System where there are more than 12 months of exercise like this. … click on the first link in the description or link on the screen, and you will be taken to a short page that will tell you more about the impact of this short but brutal non-cardio exercise.

Thank you so much for being with me. Let me know what you want me to include in the comments section of the following videos below. If you enjoyed that. If you are going to try it, give this video a thumbs up. Thanks for reading. See you soon.

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