Workout 30 minutes full Body to burn fat & get abs

Hello everyone, welcome again. Today’s  Workout 30 minutes full-body exercise that includes warmth and stretching Today’s exercise will help you burn fat and bring you closer to those flat legs and soft legs Now this exercise is part of my 30-day flat stomach challenge, and set you a free exercise calendar So check that out. So I will be challenging myself to get back on track. So join us to share your progress so I can do it before and after my result so let’s get started before we start to thank you so much if you press the click button and leave me a comment as I created. This free exercise program for you guys and share with anyone you need and the first exercise butt Kickers kick your heels up on your butt and for those of you who have problems with jumping you can take it slow and follow the low impact version.

I have included versions that have a low impact on all exercises so you can follow that if you are just starting out or need to breathe a little. we take a deep breath as you climb and breathe as you step back The front kick next kick forward and use oppose your hand to try and touch your feet this will help warm the hamstrings Next we have a strong twist. This is great for warming up your back muscles and your hips ok. It is almost the end of the warm-up session to enter the lung area and really stretch your leg behind you and bend that lower 30 seconds away from you. On the left side and then stand on the right side this flexible extension helps to stretch the hip flexors and hamstrings OK we have 20 seconds faster to break before we jump to the first set these exercises are a total of 30 seconds. Each has a short break of 5 and 10 seconds. So doesn’t stop moving we will start with high knees raise your knee to the hip level as quickly as possible with a low-impact version? Do not just skip the next Shuffle Relocation. Remember to include that abs as you crunch and be safe as you push.

Next, we will have a lunge with another kick into the lung area and as you go up, kick up with your opposite leg so if you want you can do it. kicking with the same leg but I was doing it on the other leg facing the low impact version Just take it slow and remember to engage your spine and focus on your breathing Now on the other side and as you can see here I said a little. I’m confused about my legs your girl is so bad together. So yes Now we are almost in the middle of the first set of Burgees this exercise that will work your whole body You can just do it slowly and control without jumping Next we have a wooden jug to jump both feet out and upon a wooden platform And in a low impact version just take it well and walk slowly again go at your own pace We ‘I have a squat to reach and jump next, this may be a little challenging now So do it at your own pace, but the low impact doesn’t just make you jump next Jumping Jugs this is not a warm-up job. So you have to do it quickly, I have two more exercises until the end of one set of this exercise will help to balance yourself better by starting in the squat area and then giving a high kick to the side before placing your feet down Hold your balance and kick low and It can be really hard to combine because I have problems with integration all the time, but practice makes it perfect

Now on the other hand to complete one set if you can ‘Kick a double leg kick then you can kick one side to know, I find that one and two sets are very difficult. We will kick offset 2 with skate hops In Skater hops take a big left jump and bring your right leg back and do the same on the other side and with a low impact version just take a big step instead of a big jump. Next, we have the jumping crunches. This exercise is really good for your abs So make sure you include your spine as you wrap and do it slowly and control if you have trouble connecting them Next with lung and kick and this is normal lung and kicking using the same leg and not the other leg if you can kick Then just do it right On top, on the other hand, All the right time to burn all that energy we have in 30 seconds bore don’t be discouraged now we can do this Let’s do that guys Stay down because we have mountaineers next is very fun. Yes, we’re about halfway through the gym guys. I hope you’re starting to sweat because


I was drowning by this time Now we have moving things next when you are working at home You have to wear shoes to stay safe and remember to sit still Time for another round of the knee High yay And next we have down And the final task of set two is to capture kicking one leg as you kick the other leg aside and don’t forget. involve your spine while doing this remember safety and just go slow and easy with low impact That is the end of the second set and I seem to have forgotten where I was at the moment when Make sure you keep walking and drinking slowly. water if you need Or take a long break if you need a shower And we’ll start that soon Let’s start with the inner and outer squats Okay, the next task is to jump the jug and the power jack, it will be explosive So give everything you have hard to connect even me I pushed a little So take your time and make two regular jumping jugs.

And thirdly jump into the air like a stargazer and make sure you stay slow and this excellent work burns like crazy Next we have side lungs and chewing. It’s easy to do after those strength builders So focus on joining your spine and working those abs and legs Now on the other hand Next were push-ups and shoulder gestures if you can’t push up just do push-ups while kneeling Next touch the plank and knees make sure your abs are together all the time when you do this work We are coming to the end of the third set don’t give up guys I got Burgees Next if too many Burgees now then do a low impact version Next we have a distorted grip and toe touches for less impact just hold the distortion instead I’m tired of you being here, so let’s do this guy, Worm make it slow and controllable because we are all tired of the point Good job everyone is still one and this is a short set and this set is very simple So you can get up now. Come this way Let’s wrap it up to drink water if you need it and you can stop the video if you need a long break and we’ll start by pushing up and around to get the bottom result just do the push up on your knees Up next with a bird dog. This is a great activity for your spine and buttocks Next we have another round of wood to explode and burn that calorie, guys.

We have almost finished Next we have found a fire extinguisher. It is so named because it resembles the way a dog urinates in a fire extinguisher. So it is beautiful or funny. Okay, whatever However, this exercise really helps to strengthen the hips and buttocks ready to switch to the other side for 15 seconds Lie on your back we have a reverse crunch next work those abs yes those abs low, yes Now flip around and we will do more Superman So it is very important that you work all the features of your abs, including your lower back this is very difficult then you can just do a high plank instead And Oh my god, guys. We are left with just one exercise and a top and bottom plank.

We’re almost done So let’s finish this with a good job everyone we have stretches So relax your hips straight up and make your back straight and look at the ceiling as you stretch those neck muscles Now enter the dog descending position and loosen those legs muscles And now move on to the baby and stretch really that with your hand go forward and I hope this helps to stretch your abs muscles and Next we have a cat ride all four and bend the head down lift your back and look up do the opposite this helps a lot to stretch your back and your abs and your neck Now make those hamstrings really stretch These are really important to do and while stretching your arms and your buttocks and back as well Now cross your legs like that and pull your knees forward And while doing this stretch one hand behind you and this will help you stretch your back and your hips and do it on both sides

Now stand up straight and stretch those quads stretch well Now breathe and breathe as you go up Exhale as you go down and the other two and that’s the end of this exercise Great work. Everyone. Well done now leave me a comment if you enjoyed this exercise and if you haven’t done that it would mean a lot to me if you could just press that sixth button with your sweaty finger and Also, don’t forget to sign up and open notifications So, yes, remember to share with others your progress, and I’ll see you guys in the next exercise. Goodbye

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