10 Minute Abs workout in bed..

Abs workout in bed is one of the effective ways to get the best result, In today’s session, I’m going to share with you an ab exercise and legs you can do in bed. Yes, guys, in bed. I’ve had a lot of people ask me to exercise in bed. So that’s exactly what I’m going to give you today, and if you want to exercise in pajamas, do it perfectly. Just make sure you follow my directions and do each job to the best of your ability. And before you jump into this exercise today, I want to invite you to become a member of the Pink Dragon. With Pink Dragon, you will be able to finally begin to see results with a quick and successful exercise in 15 minutes or less. At Pink Dragon, we believe in a little more. That means it’s easier to prepare meals, fast and effective exercise, and mind shifts to bring total confidence and consistency.

I will show you how to use your exercise in the best way possible while also changing your mood in a unique and fun way. And not only that, but within the program, I give you access to an amazing ride system all week and give you valuable tips that will set you up for success. So be sure to join the Pink Dragon, and become a member of this unique app that uses behavioral science to give you the results you’ve been looking for. So click the link in the description box below for more information today. All right, guys, so on your first run of this cycle, you’re just going to do some bending. So you want to lie back, feet planted on the floor. And we just want to go up well and slowly and down. Make sure with this movement that you keep that navel going into your spine, and exhale as you get to that distraction. Breathe in as it descends.

They really squeezed those abs. That’s it, boys, we do 50 seconds of each movement. That’s it, guys, go ahead, keep rolling. – Relax. – Great job, guys. 10-seconds rest here before you move on to the next step which will be roll-ups. So the legs will come out all the way, straight, and all you have to do is come back, and then just roll over and touch the ankles and go down. That is, it is good and controlled. This is not a job to be rushed. Do it at your own pace. Make sure you really control those abs as you emerge. That’s it, take a deep breath as you climb. Breathe in as you back off. Go on, guys. Down, then up. – Relax. – Great job, guys. Go down to your back, and on the next walk, you will be making scissors legs. So all you have to do is keep those legs nice and straight, the toes pointed, and all you have to do is move one leg forward, one leg back, and just swap between the two of you. Now if you want to make this tenser, you can take your neck off the bed, or keep it low on the bed as I did. Also, make sure that the core is involved, keeping it absorbed at all times. That’s it, guys, go ahead. I know this is burning. – Relax. Good job, guys.

abs workout in the next move you take is by bicycle. So this will help to tie oblique and upper abs and lower abs. All you have to do is a swap between bringing one elbow to the other knee and then switching between the two. This movement is smooth and manageable. Make sure you put your shoulders down as you twist your body. That’s it, remember to breathe, boys. Don’t hold your breath. – Relax. – Excellent work. 10-seconds rest here.

The next move will enter the bridges. So this will help strengthen the glutes. So all you need to do is push your hips and buttocks toward the ceiling, and you want to make sure that you press up and lower your buttocks well and are in control. That’s it, guys, press up there. And down. – Relax. – Great job, guys. The next step we will take is to rock the seat. So let’s lift those legs, and all you’re going to do is open and close. Now, this will help to tie those inner thighs and lower abs. So you want to move as fast as you can, and just open and close. Keep that backpack in, guys. Make sure it is always connected. – Relax. – Great job, guys. Rest for 10 seconds, then I want you to come to your side to face me, and we will lift the leg. So let’s just lower that leg up and down properly and it is manageable. Also, be sure to keep that spine active even when lifting those legs. That’s it, up, down. That’s it, keep those toes pointing up and down. – Relax. – Great job, guys.

With the next move, I want you to cover your legs, feet to touch, and we’ll just do the clams. So turn it on and off, that’s all. That’s it, keep those toes together. – Relax. – Great job, guys. Let’s change to the other side. We are focused on that leg lift. Legs opposite, so up and down. That’s it, go ahead, guys. There is one left.

For the final exercise, we’re just going to keep doing those clams, but on the other leg. Make sure those toes are connected. Keep them together the entire time, and open and close those legs. That’s it, keep going like that, guys. And that’s it, guys. Rest, well done completing this workout. So, guys, and if wanna become a member of Pink Dragon, providing you with effective short workouts, mindset shifts, and a community for support, click on the link below. Now I wanna turn it over to you. Did you enjoy this bed routine today? Let me know in the comments below.

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